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Escrito por Tatiana Teles | Publicado: Sexta, 24 de Novembro de 2017, 18h18 | Última atualização em Terça, 28 de Novembro de 2017, 10h51

The Secretariat of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs of the Ministry of Health (SCTIE / MS), aims at the development of the scientific, technological and productive capacity to strengthen SUS as a universal health system. SCTIE / MS formulates and implements national policies on science, technology and innovation in health, pharmaceutical assistance and promotion of research, development and innovation in health. It also develops methods and mechanisms for the analysis of the economic-sanitary viability of public enterprises in the Health Industrial Complex, promotes the implementation of public-private partnerships in the technological development and production of strategic products for the country and coordinates the process of incorporation and disincorporation of health technologies under SUS. The focus is on solving the priority health problems of the Brazilian population, bringing science, technology and innovation closer to public health policies. The Department of Science and Technology, in its role of formulator, implementer and evaluator of the National Policy of Science, Technology and Innovation in Health, aiming to always keep in mind what the National Health Policy needs and observing the principles and directives of SUS, invests in strategic research with potential for innovative technologies; strengthens interinstitutional relations to improve Brazilian sanitary regulation; seeks to bring  scientific knowledge, generated in the universities, closer to the productive sector, strengthening the national innovation chain; promotes the internationalization of research on strategic issues for the SUS; and establishes an agenda for generation and incorporation of new technologies, by stimulating public-private partnerships.

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